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The seven things I hate about you

The past few days have been- I don't even know what kind of word to use- heartbreaking? horrible? hellish? different? interesting? All of the above, maybe.

The story: A few weeks ago, my dad started acting all freaky. He would go across the street to take phone calls, he would make up stories about where he was going, and little did he know that his youngest daughter was a sneaky bitch. i took down the last phone number he called, and I looked it up online. it was Roberta- our real estate agent. I didn't know what was going on, but I had a pretty good clue.

Rewind to a few months ago when I walked out of my room to find a strange dog trying to play with Ginger, and a middle aged man walking around the front yard with Joe. Kat came home from a long hard day at work, thinking the same thing I was- who the hell is that guy? Jow said it was the Landscaper, and we let it go at that. My first impression of the man was all but good. There was something about him- the way he acted, as if he belonged in our home- I didn't like him, from the first time I saw him. he was fishy. This will come into play in a little bit.

Fast forward to where I left off. Later that day, I told Kat everything, and she noticed a difference in dad's behavior before I even told her anything. We went swimming for a little bit that evening, and she had shaved prior to it. Some chemical in the water made her legs sting, and she got out after a long while. She went to the basement with her boyfriend, and late on, had something like a panic attack from the way dad was acting, and the way her legs were stinging.
The next few days- they went without too much incident. You could tell something was up though. But I admit, my dad is pretty good at putting up a show and pretending nothing is wrong.

One day, Kat came home from work, and we somehow got on the topic of how dad spent the night on the couch. (We had suspicions even before that, but this was kind of a 'hello, i'm right here in front of your face' sign) The night after, Joe slept on the couch.
Hm, not sleeping in the same room? Well, gee, I wonder what could be going on.

Last night- or the night before last, I'm not sure- dad finally told us. We are selling the house. he didn't mention anything else other than that, until he talked to Kat- who then told me.

The day after Kat found out, I drove dad to Ikea so he could look at some of the stuff on sale. He told me basically everything he told Kat.
He suspected it was the landscaper that Joe cheated on him with. But he also said it's not the fact that Joe is cheating- it's the fact that Joe told him that he wasn't happy with us. With Kat, with dad, and with me.

So here's to him- if you're not happy with us, get the fuck out.

Jun. 28th, 2008

So I have realized that I am on LJ all the time. But I never update. So here is my attempt to fill whoever is reading this in. (Not that i expect anyone actually is)

A few weeks ago, one of my good friends told me she might be pregnant. She went and got tested, and when she knew that she wasn't, she came crying to me and complaining about how she wants a baby. She's 16, she cuts herself, her dad hits her, she does not need a baby. Another one of my friends IS actually pregnant, she's probably half way along, too. What is with my generation having babies at 15/16? Honestly, I think it's stupid. Two of my used-to-be close friends actually had sex within the first month of dating/knowing each other, and they were both virgins up until that point. The way my friends, and the people around me act when it comes to sex makes me never want to have it myself. You shouldn't do that until you know you can handle it, and be mature about it. High school not a competition on who can get laid the most (well, maybe it is to some people, but it shouldn't be), it's about creating yourself and creating what you want to be, and who you want to be. Figure that out, and grow up a little bit, and then maybe you can decide what or what not to do.
I am not one of those people who think that you should be married before you have sex, but I am one of those people who think you should at least love the person, and know without a doubt in your mind or heart that is actually IS love. And you cannot love until you grow up, find/create yourself. Because if you don't know who you are, how can you possibly know who you want to be with? And honestly, what makes 15/16 year olds think that their relationships in their sophomore/junior year will actually last. I remember the beginning of my freshman year, when my science teacher was talking about cycles of things. I never forgot what he said. Every 7 years or so, everyone's likes and dislikes, and the person themselves change. So you may love someone NOW, but a few years from now, there is no guarantee that you will still feel the same way. Shit happens, I guess. Things change, people change, and there is not anything you can do to stop it. You just have to hold on and brace yourself for the ride.

Another thing- this same friend who told me she was upset because she was not pregnant, also complains to me on an almost daily basis about her mom. Um, hello? At least you have a mother to fight with, to argue with, and at the end of the day, to love. I don't want to hear about your petty fights you have with her, or how much you claim you hate your mother. Because I would pretty much kill to have what you have- a decent family. Both of her parents are still together, she has a brother that loves her, and a sister who would do anything for her, and two happy parents that strive to put food on the table for her and her siblings. Not saying I don't have that- but I'm missing one big piece to the puzzle- a mother. So shut up about how much you 'hate' her, because you know, once she's dead and gone, you'll wish you could take back those words that you said to me, and to her. Trust me.

I'm thirsty right now, Kat and I just finished running.
So I am going to get water.

When will this strong yearning end?

It's days when everyone gets on my nerves that I miss her the most.

Fuck you, dad.
You're such a fucking idiot.

I wish mom was here, alive and healthy, because I'd have never fucking stepped foot in this house. I'd be with her.


At one point I even cut out all the bass.

I'm sitting upstairs, on Joe's laptop right now. For some reason the I key isn't working right, so if it doesn't show up, I'm sorry.
So recently, I've really found a liking in Playradioplay!, I don't know why, I like his music, but that's not all.  I guess I find amusement in the fact that he is only 18, and yet still has all this success.
I don't know. I'm bored. Felt like updating this, even if it was useless.

My intentions are good...

It's been a while since I've actually wrote on here, but I've been on here almost everyday.
I have about 10 minutes before The Office comes on, so I figured I'd make the best of those 10 minutes and commercial breaks.
May as well.

So- About school life.
I'm so glad that break is coming up, because right now, I feel so overwhelmed with work. I have three tests tomorrow, and I'm terrified I'm going to fail my French test. I don't really know anything. It's mainly my fault, but still.
We're writing a 'story' in History, and I love it. It's probably the best thing we have done in there so far. It said minimum of one page, but I already have four. o.o!
I wrote mine about being Japanese living in America during World War II. It's much more interesting then it sounds. I love writing papers where I get top make things up as I go along, and put myself in the characters shoes. I hope he'll accept a long paper. :]
All my other classes are okay. Except for the people in my English class. Nobody volunteers to read in the play, so I end up with three parts, and the italics. They are useless.

Home life is alright. Other then the fact I really, really hate Ben.
Dad hasn't been PMSing a whole lot, and the grandparents usually stay out of my way. So that's fine with me.

I'm going to get sick. I walked up to Micheal's after I took my shower, because Papaw wouldn't take me.
But I had to get parts of Sam's gift, so whatever.
I'll live.

Just one more day until I wam free for two weeks. One more day.
Cheers for hoping I pass the French test, too.

+ The Office is starting now. I'll be off.


Oh my god.
Devin Crawford.
Is the most gorgeous guy to ever walk the halls of Southgate Anderson High School.....

Hollywood isn't listening...

So yar.
Right now, I'm delaying my entry.
Because I'm waiting for the shit video I made for Kat to load up.
I'm messing around with Movie Maker, and I think I may have gotten it to work.
I guess we'll see, won't we.

I'm really procrastinating.
I should really do all the homework stuff.
But I've had a bad week.
Mr. Shoe is giving me a little break on my test I was supposed to take yesterday, because I do well in everything.
I have to be ready for it by Monday, though. :]
Which I have all weekend, so I should be good.
I understand history. Can pass that thing without reading one bit.
And science, I'll do.. okay on. Not amazing, but okay. :]

w00t! it finished.
Upload it to youtube now..
AND PRESTO KABLAM! My very first video ever edited and saved! Here Kat!

That's it.

xo ee